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My 11 Day Diet

“A Brilliant “My 11 Day Diet” Plan That Actually Worked For Me”

I just had to let you know about this brilliant diet called My 11 Day Diet that I have been trialling personally.

Now, I am one of the biggest skeptics about any form of diet plan, usually because they consist of all the foods I hate, and they cost a fortune to keep up with, plus I get bored with them within a day or so.

So then I end up saying “These Fad Diets Don’t Work” and consequently give up, and then have the audacity to tell everyone else that they don’t work either?

“How Many Of You Agree With Me, And Have Done The Same Thing, Come On I Know You Have”……

What you don’t know is that I Quit Smoking about 10 years ago, and had put on about an extra 2.5 stone (About 40 lbs) in the following months, and I hated it as I have never been that overweight.

Well, I have used the Atkins Diet a few times with reasonable success, but could not sustain it, and at that time I could not give up the alcohol, (pressure of work, and all that you understand) so the weight came off but then went straight back on again, pretty quickly.

“Is Any Of This Familiar To You At All?”

I was even given a highly recommended Soup Recipe that is suggested that Hospital Patients use to lose a massive amount of weight before they go for surgery, as I was told I would lose lots of weight as well.

So I went out and bought all the ingredients, came back and boiled up enough “Soup” for the next (month) five days, and to spice it up a bit I threw in half a jar of curry powder (It did say I could add it).

There was Soup everywhere, and the house stunk of curry, but as a laxative it was absolutely fantastic, but there again I could not go out, or if I did, it was not very far, plus I was not that popular or pleasant to be with either (cabbage has that affect of me).

So That One Died A Death As Well…..

I have been using My 11 Day Diet now for the past eleven days, and guess what, it actually has done what it said on the web site, and more importantly I like all the foods on the diet plan, because I chose them.

“So I Could Not Say I Did Not Like Any Of The Ingredients Could I???”

Plus, (I knew you would ask) I have actually lost 10 Pounds In Eleven Days, and I love it, never felt better, and because it has worked over the past eleven days, I am going to stick with it, and do it again for another eleven day’s, and lose another eleven pounds. (Or more)

This is a diet plan that I could live the rest of my life on, and the principles are so simple to follow even I can do it.

It also allows you to have a binge out every now and then, (Like every eleven days) and as I do have a lot of meals out in the evenings, this was an important factor for me.

banner for fat lossThe goal for me is to lose 2.5 stone and should be well achieved in the next 4 -6 weeks, but more importantly, keeping really healthy, and feeling brilliant as well, which many diets don’t.

I should also point out that this involved no form of exercise to lose these extra pounds, and as I normally play racket ball once or twice a week, I had not actually played during this past eleven day trial period, as my court partner (son) was away on holiday.

Now that he is back, I am obviously going to be keeping up with this brilliant diet plan, and together with the regular exercise on the squash court, the weight loss should be even more dramatic, I will let you know, and keep you posted.

They have also created a new Fat Burning Diet which is called the Idiot Proof Diet, (Perfect for me) and it has no specific limits on portions, and it also even allows Three Cheat Days every eleven days where anything can be eaten, (Even better for me) making this diet even more practical for every day dieters.

“Thousands Of People Are Losing Weight Each Week Using This New Diet, Will You Be One Of Them?”

I was amazed to find out that I was overweight for the most simple of reasons — because I was eating the wrong foods, plus the wrong types of calories per meal, and I was also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day.

I Also Found Out Three Important Things About Dieting And Why They Do Not Work.

Low Fat Food Diets Do Not Work.
Low Calorie Diets Do Not Work.
Low Carb Plans Do Not Work

It was all explained in very clear and precise terms of what will make you lose weight and what wont.

To begin losing weight, you need to change the types of foods that you eat each day, and you can do this by learning about the Fat Burning Foods that are included in this new online diet plan.

So all you Ladies and Gents who want to shed a few pounds, or lose a shed load of pounds, you can do that with this absolutely first class diet plan, PLUS there is even a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with it, so what can you lose but a few extra unwanted pounds, or many as in my case.

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My 11 Day Diet Program